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Every organization was founded by an individual with a purpose, a passion and a dream. They believed they could deliver a product or service to a customer better than anyone else. Many have lost their way, forgotten or no longer know their customers ever changing needs or can no longer serve them better than anyone else. What’s your purpose? Why will it matter that yoou were here? How are you making our world a better place?

Change is needed, sometimes just minor adjustments but more often radical reinvention. Although most change efforts fail our 3 step process guarantees permanent behavioral chance as it increase productivity, efficiency or profits. PACT assists you in developing an unstoppable purpose, can-do attitude, the right competencies and a winning team.

1) Begin with the executive session identifying and clarifying the, values, vision and purpose of your organization. What can you do better than anyone else? Who can you do it for? How can you consistently deliver on your promise? We use the acronym of PACT, Purpose, Attitude, Competence and Team.

2) Roll out executive session results in a keynote or seminar that communicates the critical importance of reconnecting with the founders’ original purpose, passion, the dream to be the best, coupled with the fact that without people having a can-do attitude, a belief that they can succeed, purpose is meaningless. This also points out that, to succeed, people need to acquire world class core competencies and no one does it alone, interdependent teams are required to win.

3) Consistent follow up is critical to engender lasting behavioral change and the reason we are able to offer you this guarantee. After a keynote or seminar pointing out the critical importance of reconnecting with the founders’ original purpose, to be number one, the industry leader…there must be follow up. Not only must we reinforce purpose and a can-do attitude, but be dedicated to arming your people with the competencies needed to be successful and delivering the product or service thru highly motivated and well trained teams.

A) In house training programs delivered on the core competencies needed to succeed in seven (7) critical skill areas.

1. “Train their trainer” included so you don’t pay me to deliver every session.

2. Each of the 25 sessions designed to last 1 hour.

3. People are not gone for a day and no time or money wasted on travel.

4. The average cost per participant per session is under $20 including materials.

B) Everyone then gets a bi-weekly Business Journal column that has been delivered for over a decade and reinforces the competencies learned during your in house workshops and needed to succeed. They also remind everyone of the importance of teamwork are emailed to your attendees. The change works because it is introduced in the keynote or seminar and then reinforced for life.

C) A weekly inspirational message delivered since February 2008, reinforces the importance of staying focused on the purpose introduced with the keynote or seminar as well as the continuance of the can-do attitude ignited at the event. A complimentary membership in The Don Quixote Society™ provides this resource for the next five years.

That’s our 3 step guarantee. Lasting behavioral chance as evidenced by an increase in productivity, efficiency or profits. Of course, you are always welcome to hire Joe for a fantastic keynote, great workshops, training your teams or facilitating executive retreats.

Most people are not getting what they want from their job, their church, their family or their community. There is a void, something missing, and they have tried to fill the emptiness with things. What’s missing is purpose and engagement in meaningful work to accomplish something bigger than themselves and your organization can fill that void.

How? By finding a purpose bigger than the organization itself, “one thing” that it can do better than anyone else in the service of customers. This worthy purpose engenders a can-do attitude in your people and the desire for them to acquire the competencies needed to fill the role they play to insure that their team will be successful.

Both the organization and its people transition to a life of fulfillment and significance rather than having to “settle for” just success and a pay check or increased stock prices. They exist to make the world a better place for their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and their children’s children.

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